Industry: Women’s Fashion & Accessories


Sessùn was founded in 1995 in Marseille and opened its first shop in 2004 in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, rue de Charonne. The brand not only offers a modern range of women clothes and accessories (shoes, bags and jewellery), but also expresses itself through a wider universe, with the wedding collection « Oui » and decoration items.

Sessùn stands out from the current trends with a very charismatic creator, Emma François, who draws her inspiration from different environments in order to set a style, invent a universe and invite you to be part of it. 

Acquisition date: May 2017

« Sessùn is a wonderful brand, very much driven by the identity of its founder, inspired by musics, travels and people. Emma François’ collections highlight her unique personnality and her desire to constantly reinvent off the tracks, with very eclectic collaborations with photographers, artists, designers, artisans or musicians.»
- Frédéric Biousse

« We are delighted to work along with Emma François and we are very confident in the growth potential of Sessùn, both in France and abroad. Sessùn benefits from an excellent positionning that enables the brand to establish itself as a genuine reference of lifestyle.»
- Elie Kouby & Emmanuel Pradère

«  Experienced Capital equity stake in Sessùn boosts our corporate life and highlights the constant work carried out by our teams over the years. We are convinced that being accompanied by Experienced Capital, whose expertise is unique, will allow us to perpetuate, develop, and pursue this beautiful adventure .»
- Emma François

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