NV Gallery

NV Gallery


Industry: Furnishing and interior design

Description: NV Gallery is a Digital Native Vertical Brand set up by Natalie Hanczewski and Thibaut Saguet in 2016. It reinvents traditional furnishing and interior design by offering furniture and accessories always matching the new trends and purchasing behaviours.

Acquisition date: January 2019

"We have been instantly seduced by Thibaut and Natalie’s duo. With NV Gallery they have brilliantly shaken up the furnishing market thanks to a digital, affordable and fashion trend-based offer. It’s a powerful brand set to emerge as a leader in this rapidly evolving market."
- Frédéric Biousse, Elie Kouby and Emmanuel Pradère

« We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Experienced Capital. It brings a unique operating expertise set to fasten our growth while helping us in structuring the company efficiently.»
- Natalie Hanczewski and Thibaut Saguet

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