Maison Standards

Maison Standards


Industry: Fashion 100% Digital

Description: Founded in 2013 and distributed exclusively online, Maison Standards is a fashion brand for Men and Women whose model disrupts traditional fashion: selling directly and without distributors simple and beautiful products, timeless classics. Furthermore, Maison Standards displays full transparency on costs, margins and production on its website.

Acquisition Date: June 2016

« Maison Standards innovates by introducing in France a disruptive business model in the f ready-to-wear industry: without intermediaries, without shops, the brand distributes its collection of qualitative French basics, at fair prices, lower from 30 to 40% compared to other affordable luxury brands, and thus giving back the retail margin to its customers. Transparency on prices, explanations on manufacturing, straight-talking are assets to attract and retain customers looking for quality and authenticity.»
- Elie Kouby & Frédéric Biousse

« We look forward to working with Uriel Karsenti, as we admire his vision and energy.»
- Emmanuel Pradère

« Experienced Capital has a unique expertise and vision of fashion industry, and we are very proud to engage in ambitious projects to develop Maison Standards.»
Uriel Karsenti, Founder & Directeur Général

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