Bam Karaoke Box

Bam Karaoke Box


Industry: Urban Lifestyle

Description: Set up in January 2014, BAM Karaoke Box has reinvented the concept of karaoke with an upscale offer combined with a unique customer experience through a new technology, a dedicated service and infrastructure inspired by the standards of the affordable luxury sector. BAM currently operates 3 locations throughout Paris.

Acquisition date: February 2018

« BAM revolutionizes the karaoke concept with an affordable luxury offer whose success is impressive. BAM is a strong urban lifestyle brand set to become a leader on an emerging and booming European market which currently lacks of a strong established player. »
- Frédéric Biousse

« We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Experienced Capital. It brings a unique operating expertise set to fasten our growth while helping us in structuring the company efficiently. »
- Arnaud Studer

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