Industry: Men's Fashion

Description: Balibaris was founded in late 2010 by Paul Szczerba. With cuts that are both simple and timely, Balibaris products are an everyday essential for every man. They provide an assurance of easy-to-wear, tasteful fashion. Balibaris pieces are also a guarantee of special attention to a fair, judicious quality-price ratio.

Acquisition date: January 2016

"Balibaris perfectly meets our investment criteria: an excellent product at a good price, a successful retail test and a young, ambitious, realistic and talented founder. But even more: Balibaris is above all a brand we like, that our friends like and that we are proud to represent. The greatest successes most often begin with a strong emotional bond. Case in point, we genuinely like Balibaris, and we highly value Paul Szczerba, its founder, who at 29 already shows so much talent! His enthusiasm and our experience should allow the brand to develop rapidly, profitably and strongly, all while minimizing risks."
- Frédéric Biousse

« Experienced Capital is a great growth-accelerator, as it brings business oriented solutions to development related challenges. Experienced Capital provides me with experts, directly involved in the company, which allow them to share their knowledge and know-how with the team.»
- Paul Szczerba

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