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Our strategy

Experienced Capital invests – through its investment vehicle Experienced Capital Partners SAS – in brands with strong potential, positioning itself as:

1. Growth accelerator

- For companies that already have high quality products, a successful retail physical and/or online experience through points of sale and a brand showing a proven potential both in France and abroad
- For companies with 3-20 million euros in sales

2. Co-investor with PE fund or Family office

- For co-investing as part of an acquisition or as part of managing the transformation of a portfolio company
- For companies with 20-400 million euros sales

3. Incubator

- For start-ups with promising project and products, needing occasional coaching
- For companies with 0.5-3 million euros sales

Experienced Capital always provides:

- Operational support offering business solutions in all activities of Retail, whether physical or online
- Coaching to help avoid mistakes and make good decisions
- Access to a strong network
- Financing solutions with the largest commercial banks

Our ambition is to position ourselves as a partner/growth accelerator for brands that already have:
- performing products, clear positioning and a solid business model
- physical and/or online points of sale and a brand with a proven potential for growth in France and abroad
- a strong founder/manager

Experienced Capital Partners takes a minority, or majority, stake mostly in companies not listed in France or in Europe, with a strong development potential, in particular in Asia, the Middle East and the United States.

Experienced Capital Partners stakes are from approximately 2 to 20 million euros per transaction, through a capital increase or a buyout from current shareholders.

"Nothing beats experience."