Artistic & Style Expert
Associate Director

Amélie Gillier joined Experienced Capital’s team in June 2016 as Artistic Director.

In 1997, Amélie co-founded Zadig & Voltaire, where she sustained the growth as Artistic Director until 2007, leading it to a major global player in the Affordable Luxury sector.

In 2007, she created Lovemilla, her own women’s ready-to-wear brand.

Hired in 2012 by LVMH Kenzo as Studio Director, she operated alongside Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, both as Artistic Directors.

In 2013, she was Artistic Director for fashion lines and image at Comptoir des Cotonniers.

In 2015, as a Fashion Expert, Amélie Gillier led Vente-Privé Group’s diversification and modernization of the fashion offer, adding a digital practice to her professional skills.